Recanto do Aconchego Inn is perfect for the Fish and Mermaids who want to restore your energy. The sea creatures live in search of a good wave and to relax and enjoy nothing better is to add it to a place of great refinement and good gosto.Por all places I have ever heard say that the beaches are spectacular South Atlantic. Those who coast the capital of Santa Catarina seem even more beautiful. Surrounded by trees, mountains and tranquility, this small piece of paradise has rooms complete with bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. Located 200m from the beach and 150m from the beach British Costão Santinho, space leaves you very close to the most beautiful landscapes in Floripa.
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St. Servidõo do Tucano, nº 26 British Beach
Costõo do Santinho - Florianópolis/SC - Brazil
Phone: (48) 3365-0035 / 98836-2468
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